The New Way to Finance or Invest in Property

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We have reimagined how property finance and investing works


MyBrix No Interest and No Repayments for Property Owners

Reduce your stress and improve your lifestyle.  Redirect your current mortgage payments based on your priorities. 

How MyBrix Works

This is the new way

MyBrix utilises Non-Bank, Peer to Peer funding to deliver compelling benefits to both Property Owners & Property Investors.

Brix are a unique Derivative that fractionalises equity, not ownership in the underlying property in respect to future capital growth and rental proceeds.

No Interest, No Repayments & No Bank

Imagine a mortgage that has no interest, no repayments and no bank, with no serviceability or credit checks, whilst you still retain ownership.

Up to 15% Below the Market Value

Imagine investing in the best house in the best street at up to 15% below the market value with no acquisition or holding costs

Don't be stuck in the old way.

The market is changing and new ways are challenging the traditional ways. If you are not adapting and changing with the market you might be left behind.

Traditional Funding v MyBrix Funding (over 10 Years)

MyBrix is different to traditional property finance, allowing Property Owners to save significant amounts on interest and repayments each month, helping to improve their lifestyle and reduce cost of living pressures. As an example, a property valued at $1,000,000 with a bank loan of $500,000 @ 6.5% interest, means a monthly repayment of $3,160. Under MyBrix this is no longer required, and the owner can redeploy these funds however they want. Over 10 years this is a saving of $380,000 in repayments and $185,000 in interest (after all MyBrix fees and charges are deducted).

Your investment property positively geared

Investors did you know that MyBrix can help you turn a negatively geared property (ie one that costs you money each month) into a positively geared property, so you can hold instead of selling?  Fund up to 70% of your investment property and pay no interest and make no repayments.

Invest In Brix to Achieve Your Goals Sooner

Investors in MyBrix can start with as little as $1,000, but if you are saving for a specific goal, you will want to put in more on a monthly basis, lets assume you were to invest $5,000 every month in Silver Brix (rental receipts each month) instead of a Savings account with a nominal interest rate of 4%.

Achieve the growth of underlying properties as well as rental yields with no acquisition or holding costs as well as amplify your investments by up to 10% through Silver Brix discounts.

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