The New Way To Fund or Invest in Property

The future starts now.....

The New Way To Fund & Invest in Property

MyBrix brings Property Owners and Investors together for mutual gain
Breakaway from the old way...

World First Innovation for Owners and Investors

MyBrix is new, just like Uber, AirBnB and AfterPay once were. All market disrupting technology needs to start somewhere and this is the start of the new way to fund or invest in Real Estate in Australia, the MyBrix way.

MyBrix is a world first offering that provides a win/win situation for both Investors, who are looking to invest in Australian property and Property Owners who don’t want to be tied down in monthly mortgage payments.

MyBrix Investors replace the Bank and fund your property allowing them to access investment opportunities not previously available.

Property Owners sell fractional interests in their property through our simple listing and funding process.

Why be stuck in the old way when you too can be part of the new way to fund or invest in real estate in Australia?

For a quick overview, watch our video….

Stress Less, Live More

MyBrix Owner Benefits

Less Stress, More Return

MyBrix Investor Benefits

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